Tripping on Pride

Have you ever had those proud moments in life? Moments when you made the team? Or got the job? Or when she said “yes”? Maybe when you first child was born and you got to take him or her home? There is no issue with having proud moments in life.

However, there are moments when Satan whispers in your ear how life is all about you and you take the bait. It’s in those moments that God takes issue. In the moments when you really want to exalt yourself and there is no care or concern about others.

When we look at the broad stroke of King David’s life (1 & 2 Samuel), we end up realizing what David struggled with is also what we struggle with…PRIDE. If asked, most of us would say David’s greatest stumble would be his adultery with Bathsheba. But 1 Chronicles 21 shows us he really struggled with pride.

James, the half-brother of Jesus, says in James 4, “God opposes the proud but favors the humble.” In our culture, humility is characterized as weakness. This is just not true. When we follow Jesus and allow him to reign in our life, we realize we are actually empowered greater then we ever could be on our own. James goes on to say in that same chapter, “Humble yourselves before the Lord and he will lift you up in honor.”

It’s a powerful way to represent Jesus Christ in your family, your workplace, and in your neighborhood. So, start today allowing the Spirit to convict you to walk with a humbleness that looks like Jesus. Start today surrendering to God and allow his Spirit to flow through your life. Say “good bye” to comparing yourself to others and just be Jesus to those around you. Humility is not weakness—your strength is God in you. Blessings on your journey.